some scripts or PHP functions to deal with string handling.
you can click on every built-in PHP function in the code to see the PHP manual entry for that function.

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autolink (download - demonstration)

this script will detect URLs in a string and automatically create a link to this URL. it removes the query-string and shows only the top-level of the site linked to as text.

extract string from offsite (download - demonstration)

this will get parts of websites on remote servers just specify words in the remote source to start and end the output

insert at specific location (download)

lets say you have a file where you want to insert a string into an existing file at a specific location. put a key into the file where you want the new text appear, i.e.: ###INSERTHERE### then use this function to insert the new data at this keypoint

number to words (download - demonstration)

this function spells out numbers in english text. number to words conversion.

string compare (download)

snippet to check username / password against a text file compares fields seperated by a pipe "|" to strings sent via POST variables

string in string (download)

some functions to find strings inside other strings.

string replace (download - demonstration)

some useful functions to replace strings in strings

string to columns (download)

this will "columnize" your long text. long text, especially on large screens is really hard to read. thats why in the "real world" newspapers use columns to layout text. with this script you just paste the text and specify the numbers of columns. it will split the text into more reader-friendly chunks.

substring examples (download - demonstration)

some examples using substr(), extracting the first, last, n chars of a string. reverse a string or see how many times a char is used in a string.

summarize article (download - demonstration)

this function takes the first x words or paragraphs from a long text and displays it as teaser with a "read more" link underneath.

see also PHP Classes for text and string manipulation