some scripts or PHP functions to deal with information.
you can click on every built-in PHP function in the code to see the PHP manual entry for that function.

choose the function or script you need from the category “information”

detect user language (download - demonstration)

use this as a gateway to detect a users accepted language and for example redirect him to the right page.

domaincheck (download - demonstration)

check domain name availability

google position (download - demonstration)

this script gets the position of your site at google.

phpinfo (download)

get all information about the server the script is running on

referer info (download - demonstration)

this will display the website address the visitor came from. please note that these referer headers can be spoofed and/or turned off. relying on these to do a critical task is asking for trouble.

server variables (download)

server variables as in $_SERVER[] are very helpful in building scripts which run on different servers. instead of hardcoding variables these might do the trick this snippet will produce a list of all available server variables

visitor IP (download - demonstration)

this snippet displays the IP address of the user and tries to get the hostname. unfortunately the built-in PHP function gethostbyaddr() has a very long timeout,

visitors online (download - demonstration)

This function tells you how many visitors clicked how many times in a given timeframe. Just change the first variable in the counter_count function on the last line to point to a writeable file and include this file in your pages where you want the counter to appear.