some scripts or PHP functions to deal with image handling.
you can click on every built-in PHP function in the code to see the PHP manual entry for that function.

choose the function or script you need from the category “image handling”

base64 image encode (download)

encode any image as base64 to store it in a database or textfile. includes function to show base64 encoded imagecode.

image upload and resize (download)

this little script resizes your uploaded image on the fly and saves it as thumbnail. respects aspect ratio and doesn't distort your image

list image folder (download)

this snippet reads a given directory and returns an array of the images found. gets some information about the images as well . drop this in any directory and replace the path to the folder with ./ and specify the files you want to show. you get a list of all files which mach the criteria.

resize offsite image (download)

grabs an image of another server and displays a resized version. you can easily make and save thumbnails from remote images this way. if you use this to just display the image, make sure there is NO output before this script, no blankspace, no nothing or you'll get a "headers already sent" error !