some scripts or PHP functions to deal with image editing.
you can click on every built-in PHP function in the code to see the PHP manual entry for that function.

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analog GD clock (download)

this little snippet makes a real-time analog clock with the GD library. don't assume that it's good for the server though...

colorizing (download)

Colorizing Colorizing images is fairly easy to do. The easiest way to colorize an image is fairly simple to grasp. Create an image of the same dimensions and fill that image with the color you want to change it to. This new image is then placed on top of the older image, giving it a colorized look.

crop image (download)

simple image crop snippet. make sure the directory where the cropped image is saved is writeable.

grayscale an image (download)

converts an image into greyscale

image rotate (download)

function to rotate an image.

outlining (download)

Outlining Outlining text is also fairly simple to do. If you think about it, an outline is just drawing the text left and right, above and below the main text, then drawing the main text over it. This theoretically works with every font because it moves one pixel at a time. To create an outline, you need only know the width of the outline, then write a for loop:

shadowing (download)

Shadowing Perhaps the easiest text effect is shadowing. Shadowing is, quite simply, drawing text at an offset, and then drawing the original text over it. You could use translucent text to create a better shadow effect, but you haven't read about translucent text yet.

textures (download)

Textures Textures are one of the hardest text effects possible. This is due to the fact that you need to know how to use a mask to create the texture.

translucent text (download)

Translucent Text Translucent text is not as simple as outlining or shadowing, but it's not particularly hard. A translucent image is just something partially invisible, or clear. This is done by drawing the image onto a buffer, editing the buffer, and then merging the buffer back onto the original image.

invert image (download)

This PHP function uses the GD library to invert color or black and white images. You can choose wether you want to save the negative of the image or just display it. choose color or black and white output - works with .jpg and .png images if your GD-Library supports it.